Monday, April 18, 2011

March for Babies 2011, Windy but successful

Due to all the rain we received on Saturday they had to shorten the route (the Rose Garden was flooded). So we only walked approx. 2.5 miles instead of 3.5 miles. The wind was horrible and made it feel so much colder than it really was. So glad the kids were bundled up and didn't seem to mind it.

It always feels so good joining hundred of people for such a wonderful cause! I hope Hannah will continue to walk with me even when she's older and I can't make her go :D

Hannah after the walk, enjoying some cookies and juice.
Our walking buddies. This is our 4th year walking together.
All that fresh air really tired her out!! Sheesh, you'd think she actually did the walking LOL. She had fun so that's all that mattered!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Game born of desperation! Ball Toss

So we've all been down with a version of this cold / cough. Thankfully the little one has only had a runny nose and cough. I on the other hand got every possible version of it. Fever, cough, the whole nine yards!! So in my desperate attempt to keep H occupied so I could get some kind of rest this is what we got.
Instant ball toss game! Cost - Free! Empty diaper box, some tape and miscellaneous small balls. And H LOVES it.  I will need to go back and reinforce it with better tape. All that I could find handy was scotch tape. I was also thinking of covering it with some left over gift wrap or something. But really she doesn't care, she loves it just the way it is! Isn't that the wonderful thing about kids?!
Here's a side view.
Here it is in action. All of the 'balls' aren't even balls, one of them is a green apple from her kitchen set! But it works just fine and she doesn't care so why should I!