Monday, January 24, 2011

Setting My Sites on Easter!

I know it's not even Valentine's Day yet but I've got my sites set on Easter!

One idea I have is daffodils. My Mom loves daffodils so I'm thinking of knitting or crocheting some to have my daughter give to her grandmothers and aunt on Easter. I might throw some tulips in there too.

So I'm on the hunt for a good pattern.  The ones I've tried just don't match the picture in my head. Maybe it's time to design my own......stay tuned for that.

Last year for Easter I made my daughter this beautiful Easter doll. 

Not sure what to do for this year. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome!!! I was thinking she might like a topsy-turvy doll, but she loves Pooh bear too. Oh well. I'll start on the daffodils and hopefully an idea will come to me for the little one.

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