Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Crafting - 'Stained Glass' Easter Eggs

'Stained Glass' Easter Eggs
This project can actually be made using any shape you want.

Here's what we did.

The night before I used a pencil sharpener to shred up a bunch of old crayons. I stored each color in a left over plastic cup.

Spread out wax paper, twice as long as a regular piece of paper.

Lay the wax paper over a paper with the outline of your design (in this case the Easter Egg) to give your toddler a target.

You don't need piles of crayons, actually less is better.
Once they're done fold the wax paper over and fold the edges to keep any wax from escaping. I layed a tea towel over the wax paper and used my iron on a medium to medium low setting. Press the design for about 10 seconds. DON'T OVER HEAT!!! Wax will burn.

Once your stained glass is done set it aside to cool for a couple of minutes.

I used 2 pieces of colored construction paper for the frame. I traced my design on one page. Then holding the 2 pages together cut out the design (save the cut out section to craft with later). Glue your stained glass between the two frames. Punch some holes to string your yarn through. Hang up and admire.

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